Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 31st 2010 2:25PM Billings MT in my car.
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Jan. 31st 2010 12:09 Billings MT at home version two
flux us

January 31st 2010 Billings Montana at home

flux us


so i've been throwing around the idea for this blog. i love the idea. George Brecht is amazing. or he was R.I.P. his event scores were spot one in my opinion and this one always struck a chord with me. but within the last five years it really has. for the last five years i've been installing windows for a local Billings company. so just with my work i've performed this piece alot. in many locations for eight hours a day monday thru friday without fail(unless i'm there to fix a window that won't open). and i thought it would be interesting and funny to see how many times i've done it with or without thought of it as a performance. because i see them as all performances from a fluxus and immediatist standpoint. love the idea of performing this without the homeowners being aware that its actually a performance and not just a service i'm provings. i should also post in this first blog the event score text for this so you all know what i'm talking about.


1961. Opening a closed window / Closing an open window.

by George Brecht.

a simple and wonderful piece.

i will soon be posting past dates of performance. this will be a very generalized list since i just starting taken notes on when its been done. but in the future they will be posted as they are performed.

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